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I want my memories to remain the same heat

even it doesn't always feel good

like the air of the night we rode across the city

there was a festival and the river was on fire


We were trying to get to another festival on the other side  

the one we thought was cooler

Me in a beige knitted skirt

that you insisted on making a dress into

it made me half-naked

but you borrowed me a belt so I looked more covered. 

The air was hot 

almost hard to breathe in

like New York metro

It was the same heat

but not the same

Not when we danced in the basement and sweat 

out for some air and the air was hot

the heat got into your skin

I am scared that years from now

I will be a boring office lady and you will be doing labor work

and we will follow the crowd

suffocated by heat. 


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Film photos by Will James

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